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Monday, July 11, 2011

The following module was built either with optimizations enabled or without debug information Visual Studio

If you are facing this issue for long you must be on verge of banging your head or throw away your PC. There are many cause for this error. You might have tried options and may have missed a few. Following is a summary of different things that have helped me in resolving this issue (Hope it helps you out too):

1. In your Visual Studio, Go to Tools>Options>Debugging>General and check "Enable just my code as shown below"
2. If your application is configured to run using a IIS URL instead of dynamic localhost port, just ensure that IIS directory is pointing to your directory. Often while testing we make different copies of application and keep pointing application in IIS to one or the other. This actually resolved my issue.

3. Clean your solution, close VS, open again, rebuild application and try

4.Open properties of your project and ensure configuration as below:

5. Continuing from above, press advance button in Build settings below which opens a popup. Ensure, Debug Info is full as shown below

6. Delete old assemblies from GAC if you have added one to it.

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