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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 10 things to remember in scrum sprint

Compiling 10 things to remember in sprint cycle (from theory and experience), which anyone following scrum anywhere, should remember!!

1. Spirit of Scrum says work and think using “We” and not “I” (No blame game and be ready always to lend a help, if it helps in completing sprint successfully)

2. There is nothing called “The Sprint partially succeeded”. It fails or succeeds in full i.e. all tickets must be delivered well and in time (think of DB transactions as analogy )

3. Whenever you find yourself stuck on account of dependency, approach Scrum Master ASAP.

4. Following processes may sound boring. And following a new process may look a burden. But remember, it is We only who’ve defined process and should hence follow it for sprint betterment.

5. Keep standup short – What I did? What I’m doing next? Am I facing any issue or  has to discuss anything (after standup)?

6. Talk in numbers – Prefer JIRA (or whatever tool use) task numbers with a very small description for standup when talking of your status. For example, I've been working with Ticket3142 related to adding new values in user search  dropdown.

7. The more you talk to QA while user story is in progress, the more you can avoid them later (in context of bugs logged post release )

8. Don’t be shy to say NO to any external distraction which you believe would definitely affect sprint (e.g., interview, other bugs, unimportant meetings etc.) 

9. Sprint team follows no hierarchy and everyone is equal and equally accountable to get sprint done

10. Most Important - Don’t take pressure. Enjoy sprint and remain motivated.


  1. I totally agree my friend.. btw i just love the SocialAuth library of yours..


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