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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Comparison of free private source code repositories

If you are a freelancer or have an idea that you wish to develop with a friend (or maybe yourself), it is likely that you are looking for a SVN repository. At the same time you may wish not to opt for public repository which makes your code public to all. If you do not want to invest in a server or expensive online repository accounts, following table may help you. It represents a list and comparison of good source code repository options which provide some level of free usage.
PriceSizeUsersPrivateUser GroupsProjectsSupports
FREE Options
Spring LoopsFree100 MB2YesNo1Git, Subversion
BitBucketFreeUnlimited5YesYesUnlimitedGit, Mercurial
AssemblaFree1GBUnlimitedYesNoUnlimitedSubversion, Git
BeanStalkFree100 MB1YesNo1Subversion, Git, Mercurial
ProjectLockerFree200MB2YesNo1Subversion, Git
UnfuddleFree512MB2YesNo1Subversion, Git
CHEAPEST options
xp-Dev$5/mo2GBUnlimitedYesYesUnlimitedSubversion, Git, Mercurial
repositoryhosting$6/mo2GBUnlimitedYesYesUnlimitedSvn, Git, Hg

Am I missing one? Let me know in comments and I'll update the table!
Assembla and Unfuddle added on 24Aug2012. Assembla has restarted giving free accounts 2-3 days ago. 27Feb2014 Assembla & Unfuddle now give only 15 days Trial.. Bad!!


  1. Hey it's really a great article which i am looking for such a long time. It really helpful for so many freelancers and developers.

    Happy Coding buddy...

    1. Thanks a lot Sumit. That was quite encouraging to post more :)


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