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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Free tool to copy password protected PDF without password

Recently, I had a password protected PDF (for which I had the password) but had to upload the same at some place which didn't accept password protected PDF. To my surprise, I couldn't find any option within Adobe PDF reader after opening the file (with valid password) to remove password requirement or make a copy of the PDF without password. While I began hunt for some free tool for that, I came across 2 cool tools:

This free online tool allows converting PDF to images in 3 different qualities. I found this as I initially thought I'll convert file from PDF to image and upload that instead (as I had option to upload an image instead of PDF). It works!

This did exactly what I wanted. Its a free tool which allowed me to make a copy of password protected PDF without password. All you need is:
a. Run BeCyPDFMetaEdit.exe
b. Open a PDF file with "Complete Rewrite" option
c. (optional) If the file is password protected, it will ask you to enter it before you do anything (so it is ethical to use too :)
d. Go to Security Tab and select (no encryption)
e. use "Save As" at bottom to save a copy of the PDF

If you're aware of more free (and adware free, malware free  and tested) tools, do share!

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