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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Error 1061: The Service cannot accept control messages at this time

Recently, while debugging a windows service (written in C#), I left the code in debug mode for long in a catch block. Likely it caused some thread issue and my service got stuck in a suspended state. I opened services MMC (WinKey+R, type service.msc and enter) and tried to stop, restart the service. But in every attempt I got 1061 error.

Error 1061: The Service cannot accept control messages at this time.
I applied the master key to all fix - a Restart, but surprisingly that didn't fix the issue and I continued to get the error. Eventually, I did following and it resolved the issue. I was able re-install it again using installutil.exe.
P.S. I'm not sure of the impact of this fix, but it worked like a charm for me and something I'll always try to fix 1061.

Al Fix:
All I did was
1. Opened Registry Editor (Press Win+R, type regedit and press enter)
2. Open Find Window while selecting top node (Ctrl+F)
3. Check all checkboxed and search for the string matching your service name that appears in Services MMC
4. You'll likely find 2 search results - One contains service description while other represents service node
5. I deleted both the folders from the tree and restarted my machine
Voila! Service didn't appear in services anymore (Services.msc)

Since, I couldn't find this fix on NET, I thought to post it here to help a frustrated dev (like I was while fixing this problem)

Happy Coding!

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